How to make a baby burrp?

Feeding a baby is an exciting experience for any new parent. It can also be a little intimidating, especially if you don’t know what to expect. So here’s a quick guide to an important aspect of feeding — burping.


Mummys Product Review – Judy’s Bottle Holder

Mummys Product Review is an independent reviewer of various kids products and practices.

Sometime back she happened to review Judy’s Bottle Holder

Ergonomically correct, physician-endorsed and hospital-approved Judy’s Bottle Holder gives you the ability to safely feed and hold your baby with one arm while performing simple tasks with the other. Read More…

What is Judy’s Bottle Holder?


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Judy’s Bottle Holder is a physically endorsed, hospital approved, ergonomically correct Baby Bottle Holder.

Judy’s Bottle Holder is not just another Baby Bottle Holder. After years of research by Judy Roy and her team, this product was developed and evolved with utmost sincerity, in order to ensure a completely safe and hazard-less baby bottle holder.

Good News parents, for Judy’s Bottle Holder is going to make you feel that you have an extra hand. So, handling infants, is now easier.